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Category: Cooking Gadgets

Great Northern Popcorn Machine

Great Northern Popcorn Machine The Great Northern Popcorn 8-unce Classic Style Popcorn Machine can offer you popcorn movie theatrical style for home film nights, office meetings and anniversary parties. This pop-corn tabletop has an 8oz kettle, a hot deck, a door with tempered glass, an old maids tray, stainless steel and antique design areas. This …

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Spärkel Beverage System

The most effective Spärkel Beverage System that doesn’t require a CO2 Cylinder. With Spärkel Beverage System sparkle everything! Water, fruit, tea, herbs, wine, spirits, and greater. A wholesome and a laugh manner for absolutely each person to live hydrated and drink greater water. Comes with one Reusable Bottle and 10 Carbonators. Each Carbonator (A+B) generates …

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Asobu Silver Insulated Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Modern and Innovative Asobu Silver Insulated Pour Over Coffee Maker is Changing the Way We Enjoy Coffee at Home and On the Go, Coffee comes in many shapes, forms, and flavors, but any true coffee connoisseur knows that making your own freshly-brewed coffee without paper filters or complicated processes is the only way to …

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ICECO VL35 Portable Expandable Refrigerator

※ 【ADJUSTABLE CAPACITY】- ICECO VL35 Portable Expandable Refrigerator is a transportable expandable refrigerator, 3 interchangeable lids may be chosen. An extension collar making it adjustable among volumes from 35 to fifty-two liters. ※ 【PROVEN RELIABILITY】- A variable pace SECOP compressor connected to full-sized condenser powers the refrigerator with excellent performance. Controlled from a virtual thermostat. …

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GOSUN Solar Oven Portable Stove

The GOSUN Solar Oven Portable Stove is the most portable model in the GoSun lineup. Using only the sun, the GoSun Go can bake, roast, or steam a meal as well as boil liquids, reaching temperatures as high as 550°F/ 288°C. The package includes a durable evacuated glass tube oven, two parabolic reflectors, EVA frame, …

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iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer

Just slide this bag-Sealer throughout the top of an open bag to lock in freshness! It has a magnet on the back so that you can maintain it accessible to your refrigerator. No extra shuffling via your junk drawer to find a bag clip. STOP SNACKS GOING STALE! LOCK-IN FOOD FLAVOR AND FRESHNESS! Keep your …

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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug2

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug2 –Ember is a design-led temperature-manipulate platform, whose goal is to advance the way humans eat and drink and live. Founded by means of inventor and serial entrepreneur Clay Alexander, Ember creates, designs, and develops temperature-control products that offer people entire customization. The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug2 is the maximum …

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Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

The Weber connect smart grilling hub is your secret element to flawlessly grilled food. The smart grilling hub a step-by-step grilling assistant that sends notifications without delay to your phone on the whole lot from a meals readiness countdown, to while it’s time to flip & serve. All it takes is a look at your …

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Gifts for Cooks Who Have Everything

Kitchen gift ideas make perfect presents and Gifts for Cooks Who Have Everything for your favorite foodie – whether they’re a friend or family, gourmet home chef or cooking novice. Make holiday meal prep easier and more enjoyable with the year’s most versatile cooking gifts. Pick the category below that best fits the home cook in …

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