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LituFoto F18,Best LED LIGHTS

Time to emerge from the Zoom shadows

As we’ll be Zooming for a living long into 2021, you might want to give proper thought to the set-up in your home office. Obliging your colleagues, family – even the people watching you being interviewed on TV – to stare up your nose is so last spring. You can sort out the angle issue by doing calls from an iPad (or phone) mounted on a Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Holder ( (£25, from Amazon).). Lighting is another matter. Many people appear as silhouettes because their device is reacting to a bright light source, typically a window, behind them.

The solution is this cool, tiny LED panel from LituFoto. It is a strong light that has been designed to be fitted on a camera, but set it to the lowest intensity and warmest colour temperature by cutting the diffuser off, setting it a metre or so away and bumping up the light on your face flatteringly. And you get enough time to pay for your longest-winded colleague, with the brightness at the bottom. Let the best position and distance for the LituFoto F18 to be experimented with. It could be safer to buy a tripod for the mini camera.

LituFoto F18

Primary characteristics

Some Key Features are given Below:
1.All-aluminum housing ultra-slim and lightweight
2.Dual colour temperature of 3200K and 5600K
3.Power bank port USB Type-C for mobile device charge
4.1300 lux at a distance of 1.6′
5.CRI >96
6.Dimming of luminosity
7.Show Color OLED
8.The integrated battery operates at maximum brightness at 5600K for 9.around 1.9 hours.
10.Loading Port Micro-USB
11.1/4″20 thread of assembly


The price of LituFoto F18 is $6995.