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Olive Smart Ear

Well, listen to this…

You’re probably a classic, not exactly sorry boomer, if you think your listening is perfect but your children continue to wonder why you have the TV on so loud or why you pick your hearing at your dinner table to hear it. And while, by explaning how you were listening in the nights in Studio 54, you certainly are not yet sordid enough to embark on the serious hearing aid trail, you can separate yourself from being just old.

The Olive Smart Ear from a Korean beginning is, I’m sure, one of the first to be a growing range of PSAPs (personal sound enhancement products) available over the counter. It is a fairly stylish small amplifying device built for one or two ears but sold individually, as most people only pop in for dining or watching TV with others. It checks the hearing, and can then be modified for the conversation mode, the TV mode, and the amplification level through the app. It is also available.My ear is very strong, but it was well-defined and clear again when I turned the TV too low and put the Olive at 50% volume for my comfort.


Features of Smart Ear Key:

Individual sound with simple audio calibration: provides users with a 5-minute easy-to-use, mobile hearing test with the included Olive Smart App (compatible with Android and Apple) to tailor audio and even frequency settings tailored to their own auditory profile.


Crafted not to be hidden: removes hearing impairment stigmas by means of modern design signals that everyone carries from common, truly wireless audio bags


User-friendly feedback cancellation sound modes: You can miss catching sounds and prevent TV volumes with the pre-determined modes “TV listening” and “conversation” from being triggered. Three on-board microphones record high frequency sounds while eliminating feedback on a consistent sound that is spectrally balance.


Olive Smart Ear, £199

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